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In the yearly plans of Gijón Convention Bureau (GiCB), the initiatives with the different partners in the Milla del Conocimiento (Knowledge Mile) stand out. This year’s partner was Cabueñes University Hospital, with a series of collaborations that covered the entire Hospital Catchment Area V.

On Wednesday, the Bureau Coordinator participated in the welcoming reception of residents, new professionals in the fields of Medicine, Nursing, Psychology and Pharmacy that we welcome not only into the Asturian health system, but also in the city. On Thursday as they finished their morning of work and training, 12 of these residents accepted the invitation extended by the Convention Bureau and had the opportunity to visit two other landmarks of the Milla del Conocimiento (Knowledge Mile): Laboral Ciudad de la Cultura and Fundación Idonial.

The week has been completed with sponsorship at the V Quality Meeting and XVI “Quality Plan Awards” where a new initiative was launched this year aimed at professionals in the hospital catchment area V. The event was hosted by the Town Councillor for Economic Promotion, Employment, Tourism and Local Commerce, Mr. Santos Tejón, who explained its objectives and scope. The new program that Gijón Convention Bureau starts aims to support health extension days launched by professionals to transmit clear and reliable information to patients and their families in Gijón.

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