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Fundación CTIC

A private non-profit institution, with a social and cooperation nature in the field of technological development. Fundación CTIC contributes considerably to the international reputation of the city, as it is the headquarters for bodies such as the W3C Office (World Wide Web Consortium Office) in Spain. Three Award Winners of the Prince of Asturias Awards for Scientific and Technical Research are Honorary Foundation Trustees: Vinton Cerf (he developed the TCP/IP Protocol), Ray Tomlinson (the e-mail inventor) and Martin Cooper (inventor of the mobile phone).


2006            I National Workshop of the Trade Sector
2007-2015   III-VI Congress on Web Basics
2007            II General Assembly of the National Technological Platform of Software and       INES (Spanish Software and Services Initiative) Services
2008-2010   I-III International Meeting of Cooperation for Development 2.0
2009            1st Forum of the Asturias-Latin American ICT Sector (FOTICAL)
2009-2012   I-III International Congress on Minors in ICTs