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Servicio Regional de Investigación y Desarrollo Agroalimentario (SERIDA)

Public body of the Principality of Asturias, with its own legal personality, whose aim is to contribute to the modernization and improvement of the regional agrifood sector capabilities.

The title of ambassador is shared by all the researchers belonging to this organization.


2002              V Congress of the Spanish Society of Organic Farming
2005              45 Scientific Meeting of the Spanish Society for the Study of Pastures
2006              XIII National Meeting on Animal Genetic Improvement
2007 & 2010  Seminar on the Apple Tree Protection
2008               30th Congress of the British Andrology Society
2008               IX National Congress on Animal Reproduction
2010               Seminar on Pruning and Winter Care of Cider Apple Plantations
2011               Seminar of Horticulture Technicians and Experts
2011               4th Gemini General Meeting
2011               Feed Quality and Safety Workshop in Spain
2012               VI Congress on Plant Genetic Improvement
2013               XIV National Aquaculture Congress
2015               I National Workshop on Animal Tuberculosis Research