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thyssenkrupp Elevator Innovation Center

One of thyssenkrupp’s four global R&D+i centres in the world, and the only one that has a prototype laboratory. It contributes significantly to the global reach of Gijón. Numerous airport technology experts from around the world, as well as international companies from other technology sectors, come to tour this company. In order to make its facilities and the prototypes that are manufactured in them known, it has organized more than twenty events in the last five years, 90% of them with a clear international nature.


2010       Conference on Railway Innovation

2012       Corporate Leadership seminar. Step by step to excellence

2014       Product launch, worldwide: ACCEL Fostering the Urban Mobility

2015       thyssenkrupp Elevators National Meeting

2015       New technology kick-off, worldwide: MULTI Technology Premier

2017       Workshop Garage Innovation

2017       Excellent Factories: European Meeting

2017       Escalator Sales Convention