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Llagar Casa Trabanco


In operation since 1983, Casa Trabanco opens its doors every day to welcome all those who want to have a “culin” (a glass of cider), to taste our gastronomy, to enjoy an “espicha” (cider tasting) or a cider-tourist experience. Events that are very much “Asturias” in nature.

We suggest customers should carry out environmentally friendly activities such as, for example, the visit: “Hiking, cider and nature”. This involves collecting rubbish found along the route and then being compensated with Asturian natural cider. We also offer the possibility of participating in activities related to rural customs and traditions, as well as to the cider world: flowering of the apple tree, the “Mayanza” (apple harvesting), the “Amagüestu” (roasting chestnuts), etc. We also promote regional gastronomy in our restaurant and in our shop, where clients can purchase autochthonous products prepared by us: “fabada” (bean stew), honey, jam and marmalade, etc. We also have our own vegetable garden to supply our restaurant with fresh and seasonal produce.
The Trabanco Universe is for enjoyment! That is why we have designed a series of cider-tourist experiences that will make you feel part of our land and of its resources. We also have discounts for groups of schoolchildren and of disabled people.