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Legal notice

1. Introduction

In order to comply with the regulatory requirements specified in Law 34/2002, of 11 July, relating to the E-Commerce and Information Society Services Act (www.mityc.es), we inform all users of our portal that the Club de Empresas de Turismo de Negocios is the owner of the website you are accessing. The registered offices of the entity are located in Avda. del Dr. Fleming, 481. Recinto Ferial “Luis Adaro” 33203 Gijón – ASTURIAS. The contact telephone of the company is 0034 985 180 153 and its e-mail is: info@asturiascongresos.com .
If you have any doubts, or want to send us suggestions, comments or inform us of any incident or make any type of complaint about the legal notice or the general contracting conditions with our firm, do not hesitate to contact us at the address indicated in this section. Customer support is our objective, and therefore, this support is continuous, aiming to offer you the best service, backed by the many visits we receive on our website.
The aim of drawing up this document is, on the one hand, as we have already mentioned, to comply with the applicable provisions on online service providers, included in Spanish Personal Data Protection Act 15/1999, of 13 December, and in the E-Commerce and Information Services Act 34/2002 of 11 July (www.mityc.es). On the other hand, we satisfy the commitment acquired with our customers relating to transparency and clarity in our commercial relations with the users of our website.
The legal notice and general conditions you are now accessing, regulate the use of our website on the Internet by customers, users or visitors (from hereinafter we will use any of these terms, referring to all of them in general) who access the site.
We remind you that the use of the website you are visiting is entirely voluntary, so the use of this site means that you fully and unconditionally accept these general contracting conditions and legal notice, and that you also accept the privacy policy, in terms of personal data protection. Consequently, users commit to read these conditions and this notice every time they access our service and to follow the instructions given by the holder of the website during its use.

2. Legal ownership of the website

In order to comply with the regulatory requirements contained in Law 34/2002, of 11 July, relating to the E-Commerce and Information Society Services Act (www.mityc.es), we inform all users and visitors to our portal that the enterprise, Club de Empresas de Turismo de Negocios, is the owner and manager of the website you are accessing.
All industrial or intellectual property rights of this site, its title, content, texts, photographs, logotypes, names, signs, images, graphic designs, drawings, diagrams, source codes, and other elements that the website contains, are the property of the publishing and owner company of the website, the firm, Club de Empresas de Turismo de Negocios, and of the companies, entities and enterprises that supply us with products. These are all protected by the Intellectual Property Act, approved by Legislative Royal Decree 1/96 and by all other national and international laws in force, related to intellectual property and copyright. Likewise, we must point out that the owner of the website and the supplier entities are owners of all the industrial property rights derived from the use of brands, trade names and other elements that appear on the site.
Furthermore, all the contents, texts, drawings, photographs, signs, logotypes, charts, images, computer source codes and other intellectual type creations found on our website are protected by the regulation on copyright, which protects both the site, considered as a whole, and all the other elements that comprise it individually.
The reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation, either total or partial, transfer, sale or rental of this website, without prior, express and written authorisation from the owner of the site, the enterprise, Club de Ermpesas de Turismo de Negocios, is totally forbidden. Consultation and access to the website does not, in any case, entail the total or partial relinquishment, transfer, sale or transmission of the site or of its rights.
Our corporation declines all responsibility for any type of violation of industrial or intellectual property rights by users accessing our website. It also reserves all the appropriate legal actions in the event of breach of any type of right referring to the industrial or intellectual property by third parties visiting our site.
Users of our website are expressly empowered and authorised to use, visualise, download, store, record and print, on any support, either electronic or not, the content of this site, protected by industrial and intellectual property laws, providing this is done for private purposes and not for commercial or lucrative, communication or distribution objectives, and they do not modify, eliminate, alter or change the result desired by the author of the site. They must also indicate the origin and author, with the industrial property symbols of their owners. These explanations do not represent any licence concession to site users.

3. Data protection

Spanish Personal Data Protection Act 15/1999, of 13 December, requires us and our firm to inform users of this portal that the data that they give us freely and voluntarily over the website are going to become part of an automated personal data file. This file belongs to the Club de Empresas de Turismo de Negocios and its aim is to process the data to be able to attend to and manage the different orders, requests, consultations of users, and solve their doubts, as well as to be able to prepare statistical studies that will help us improve the functioning of the website and to keep them informed. This information is treated with maximum confidentiality, and is housed in a safe server. The file that will contain your data satisfies all the technical and organisational requirements foreseen in the LOPD (Data Protection Act) and in Royal Decree 1720/2007 of 21 December. Likewise, with respect to the data compiled in the manner foreseen in this Privacy Policy, users are informed that they can exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, free of charge, by writing to Club de Empresas de Turismo de Negocios, Avda. Doctor Fleming, 481 –33203 Gijón / Xixón (Asturias) or sending an e-mail to promocion@asturiascongresos.com .
The owner of the data expressly authorises assigning the data to the Sociedad Mixta de Turismo de Gijón, to entities related to it, to other associated companies and to other companies or entities from the tourist sector, so that these companies and entities may commence commercial actions and, if third-party data are provided, assume the commitment to inform them of the aspects indicated in the above paragraph.

4. Legal actions

Club de Empresas de Turismo de Negocios reserves the right to exercise all those legally available actions to claim any responsibility derived from the improper use of their portal or of the violation of any provision contained in the conditions of use, the legal notice and the general conditions, or in the clauses where the privacy policy is specified. Our entity may remove, suspend, cancel or annul the service at any time for all users who do not satisfy all the legal conditions set out in our website, and do not accept the specifications given in this document and in those mentioned above.

5. Conditions of use

These conditions of use are established by the Club de Empresas de Turismo de Negocios in order to inform their users of the policy for use of this website, which they are accessing. By means of these conditions of use of our firm’s portal, we wish to provide the guidelines to be followed by all people consulting it.
On the other hand, the conditions of use are accepted by visitors to the website. These conditions of use, like the legal notice and general conditions, will be read and accepted by every visitor accessing our website. Thus, it will be understood that merely by using our website, customers acknowledge and accept the application of each and every one of the conditions stipulated therein and in all the other sections referring to the legality of our site.
Customers accessing the website are responsible for carefully reading its conditions of use every time they access the site, observing any possible changes that are made therein. Our company declines any type of responsibility in the event that the customer does not carefully read our legal notices.
These conditions of use, the general conditions and legal notice are totally, fully and unconditionally applicable to the entire website you are visiting, as well as its different sections. Firstly, we must express that the website is written in Spanish. Likewise, access to the website is free for any person wishing to consult it.
The contracting parties are, on the one hand, Club de Empresas de Turismo de Negocios, the owner and manager of the site, and on the other hand, the users or visitors of our website. The aim of these conditions of use is to establish some guidelines for the use of our website by users accessing the site. Likewise, with these conditions of use of the website, we are complying with the requirements of Law 23/2002, of 11 July, related to the E-Commerce and Society Service Act (www.mityc.es), and with the provisions of Royal Decree 1906/1999, which regulates Electronic Contracting and distance contracts.
In all cases, we advise you to consult our company to verify the data indicated on our website, if you have doubts about any product indicated on the website you are visiting.
The owner and manager of this website, the Club de Empresas de Turismo de Negocios, reserves the right to modify the services offered and our products, whenever it considers this necessary for the smooth running of the portal. These modifications and changes carried out will not affect products already requested.